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Kulturális Örökség Menedzserek Egyesülete (HU)

The start of Association Cultural Heritage Managers goes back to 2012, when freshly graduated students from the first Hungarian postgraduate heritage manager course decided to create a civil professional organization. At that time, the heritage profession needed independent platforms organized from bottom-up as well as today, and KÖME became one of the (plat)forming elements: in fact, they wanted to be the pioneer. Since then, KÖME broke up some solid panels, started professional discussions, swung important but missing topics, and worked out its own trainings, but always stayed unbroken in the commitment of connecting heritage-related professions, knowledge, colliding views, strengthening the refreshing potential, preparedness, internationality of the national heritage profession.
The KÖME members are working across Hungary, and amongst them one can find architects, archaeologists, art historians and people dealing with theatre art or environment protection.
As a professional association the strengths of KÖME hide in collaborations and using differences as values.

WEBSITE: https://www.heritagemanager.hu