Iron Curtain in My Backyard – MUSEar launch at the Iron Curtain Museum

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In 2019 an international collaboration called was launched with the aim of linking cultural heritage sites with artists and technology developers from different countries. Three experimental collaborations took place at three European heritage sites, including the Iron Curtain Museum in Felsőcsatár on the Austrian-Hungarian border.
MORE Launch // Felsőcsatár

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Some visible memories from Friday afternoon when we presented for the visitors and our project partners from NaFilM: Národní filmové muzeum and Lepenski Vir the narrative on which the artistic team of Felsőcsatár ( Claudio Beorchia & Mátyás Kálmán) and the developers of Novena d.o.o. worked for many months as part of our #MUSEar project at Iron Curtain Museum Felsőcsatár

Site Visit in Felsőcsatár

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At the beginning of our #MUSEar project we provide an opportunity for the selected participants to visit the sites before the residencies: the participants get to know the museums and their collections in depth to collect inspiration for their following creative work.